3D Technology at United Textile Group.

The technology is fast moving and is going to be an important part of a more sustainable clothing industry. Using 3D improves the speed of both sampling and the actual productions porcesses greatly.  Samples can be made ready within hours thanks to our 3D tools. Read more in the sections below. 

3D Clothing United Textile Group

FAQ about 3D

Read our most asked questions in our FAQ. 

How to use 3D

from sketch to final image.

2D sketches are very common for everyone in the clothing industry to work from, but each person will imagine the sketch in their own way, having different ideas of what the outcome will be in real life. Using 3D making the first sample (proto) we can develop an image of the style as it is supposed to be. It is easy to manipulate – add more volume, make longer or shorter, tighter or wider to get the perfect result and everyone will have a clear idea of what you will have in the collection.

3D Womens Fashion Tops
How to use 3D

Various 3D color options.

By using 3D it is fast to see the different colors on your favorite style. Make the right decision for what to order or what you want to offer your customers. You can easily show more color options of basic styles directly in an online presentation or a printed catalogue. This saves you a lot of samples, time and reduces your impact on the environment.

Be good – Use 3D!

3D Mens Fashion Polos
How to use 3D

Get the right fit.

Exact sizing and great fit makes your customer coming back. We help you intergrate your target groups measurements into our development and do the fitting on 3D avatars in real life size. This helps you save a lot of time on fitting samples, and avoid grading mistakes as you can see the fit instantly on your sizeset.

3D avatars women United Textile Group
How to use 3D

3D all over print options.

When the 3D proto sample is in place, it is fast to see what prints look nice on the garment and easy to add different colors or prints to see what works in your collection. Does it look nice online? The decision is way easier to make based on a true to life image. We already have customer who knows  the shape, fit and the quality of the styles they want, and they can decide the color or prints within hours being faster at placing orders for the coming season. This saves a lot of days waiting to see a physical sample and save the world for loads of samples that no one will ever wear.

3D Fashion Print on women's dress
3D Webinar

See how the 3D program works in real life on the screen and get an idea of the time  samples saved by using this technology. Watch our Webinar in English here. 

Possibilities with 3D


3D analyzed fabrics
Different textures and surfaces
Solid colors or all over prints

Possibilities with 3D


Custom made avatars
Different poses and positions
Variety in age and gender

Possibilities with 3D

Size Set

Custom made meassurement
All sizes
All ages and shapes


Read our FAQ.

Read all about the different benefits of implementing 3D technology in your business model. In our FAQ you will find answers to all questions, both the technical design aspects as well as economic and business benefits of using 3D.

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