founded in 1968 by
the Møller family

It all started out as a small home-based production one generation ago. It quickly developed into a production company producing jersey styles for various brands in Europe. Today UTG employs more than 700 people in our different offices and factories, and we handle thousands of garments every month. We offer modern solutions for all our customers at our factories in Turkey, Ukraine, and Bangladesh. We constantly adopt new technologies and methods to minimize the use of unnecessary resources.

Our mission.

United Textile Group wants to change the textile industry. We strive to take a more responsible path, starting with our factories and the technologies we use. Therefore we have implemented 3D technology into our value chain, and we offer your company modern and faster solutions with 3D designs.

All of our factories live up to the highest standards and in 2019 our factory in Turkey and our office in Denmark were all audited for GOTS approval. This means we can produce and deliver GOTS-certified garments to all our customers. 

Our goal is always to provide designs that elevate the spirit and create value for our clients and the fashion industry in general. We are a big, skillful team but most importantly, we listen carefully to your individual demands. We strive to always deliver the best solutions for each of our customers.

Our Projects.