United Textile Group sees 3D design as a potential corona crusher

3D design is the future of the industry. It makes everything easier, faster and more agile. It is better for the environment, it is cheaper and the investment pays for itself. The words come from Trine Brodie, who is a designer at the private label producer United Textile Group (UTG).

In recent years, she has really gotten 3D design in the fashion industry under her skin. Or rather, she has got the design away from the skin and onto the computer.

There is no doubt that 3D design in our industry is here to stay. It makes our work much easier and faster, and we can help customers in new and different ways than before.

One of the biggest challenges I see with 3D design is, so to speak, the industry itself. One must be willing to invest in it. It requires time, training and a change of mindset on the part of managers, employees and customers. But it pays off, she says.

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