UTG is a Danish textile manufacture with our own production facilities in Ukraine, Türkiye, and Bangladesh specialized in development and production of jersey-textiles for strong brands, looking for quality, flexibility, and transparency.

We know the challenges and we know that it is all about making sure our clients‘​ business is running smoothly – every day. We operate with a well-tested concept, that has proven it worth over many years and that integrates the entire process from fiber to final delivery. 

In 2019 our factory in Türkiye and our office in Denmark were audited for GOTS approval. This means we can produce and deliver GOTS-certified garments to all our customers.

About United textile group a/s.

We are jersey manufactures to the bone, that specializes in quality fabrics, modern production methods, and 3D design technology. We are connoisseurs in all jersey qualities, and we offer you a tailor-made concept from designing and fitting all the way to the final production – ready for your customers. Our business is built on trust and long-lasting partnerships with brands from all over the world. We wish to create a positive change in the fashion industry and we can offer different varieties of solutions for your brand.

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Welcome to United Textile Group A/S.

We are a private label company, who specializes in responsible, long-lasting fabrics and 3D design technology. Feel free to contact us if you have any business inquires.