Production & Factories.

We own our factories in Türkiye and Ukraine. We are very close to all our suppliers of fabrics and trims in the local areas and we are able to respond quickly to forthcoming demands or changes. In Istanbul, Turkey, we have a sales office housing.

We also work together with highly competent garment factories in Bangladesh which are located in Dhaka. We have both a UTG office and a showroom at the factories in Bangladesh, where some of our own employees are working.

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In Istanbul, Türkiye, we have a sales office whom are agile and fast responding.

UTG Canicas is located in Anatolia in the town of Erbaa, Türkiye. UTG acquired the factory in 2007 and has since developed it from being a simple sewing room to having all the functionality of a modern production company. Today UTG Canicas supports future developments in the local area, and in 2019 this factory was GOTS certified.

In 2004 UTG Ukraine was acquired as we recognized the opportunity for a capacity expansion in Ukraine. The factory is located in the western part of Ukraine south of Lviv in the town of Drohobych. Here we have skillful seamstresses who are experts in special finishes and have the advantage of being very close to the northern European market.

We have an office in Lithuania operated by skilled pattern cutters who all have a long experience in garment making. They are experts in using 3D technology both in sampling as well as preproduction testing the size set virtually to make sure your garments look good in all sizes. They optimize every garment by calculating its consumption and offer workable solutions to get better quality or price depending on the requirements.

The garment factories in Bangladesh, that we work closely with, are based in Dhaka where we have both a UTG office and a showroom, where some of our own employees work daily. They are a very flexible unit that can deliver what our customers require fast out of Bangladesh.

The factories.

Read everything about them here:
  • Strong design department using 3D technology
  • International sales team
  • Dedicated CSR and SCM increasing ethical practices in all UTG sites
  • Responsible and experienced purchase, production, and logistic team
  • Constant focus and investments in new technology to improve our sustainable goals
  • Sourcing of fabrics and trims
  • Close proximity to subcontractors
  • Quality control /Inspection and testing of all products
  • Own showroom
  • Strong sales team
  • GOTS certified
  • High level of quality
  • Large batches
  • Fast lead time
  • Very flexible production
  • High level of refinement 
  • GOTS certified
  • High level of quality
  • Small and medium batches
  • Flexible production
  • Fast lead-time
  • High level of refinements
  • High level of quality
  • Medium and large batches
  • Fast lead time
  • Very flexible production
  • High level of refinements
  • Own sample room
  • GOTS certified
  • 2D pattern specialist
  • 3D pattern technology 
  • 3D fitting experts
  • Experts in optimizing sewing methods and consumption