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United textile group?


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At United Textile Group we offer you the best solutions for you to make a great range of clothes. Jersey qualities are our core business and we have more than 50 years of experience. We have a strong design team who always follows the latest trends working them into commercial garments. We use 3D technology for prototyping, fitting, and presentations. Our sales team is professional and ready to help you find the best solutions for your needs. We produce all our garments at our own factories in Turkey and Ukraine which makes us very agile to changes. We also have a strong production team in Bangladesh who handles thousands of garments every month.

1. MODERN production.

We have our own factories in both Turkey, Ukraine and Bangladesh and therefore we control our value chain 100%.

2. 3D Technology for fast samples.

3D technology is fast-moving and will be an important part of the future clothing industry. 

3. Professional design team.

We help you create individual garments or entire collections, ranging from basic tees, sweatshirts to elaborated dresses. 

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