always working on
new styles.

Design Process.

You can pick styles from our wide collection which is updated weekly. Furthermore, we can help sourcing fabrics, prints and trims for your own ideas or special needs.

Today we have a design teams in both Denmark and Turkey. We all love fashion and enjoy hunting the world’s trends and new design possibilities. New fabrics and trims are always on our agenda and we are constantly developing front prints and sourcing AOPS (all over prints) from our collaborating printers.

We find inspiration during travels, fairs and on social media. Our designers are masters in converting new ideas into commercial styles. These styles look great both in physical shops and online stores.

Using 3D technology, we are fast on creating new silhouettes, styles, changes in fabrics, all over prints and colors. Small alterations can be shown instantly instead of waiting a week or more for a sample. This makes UTG incredible fast in the design process and results in an almost flawless first physical sample.

So, if you need individual styles or a complete jersey collection, we can offer a professional and tight collaboration with your team making the ‘must-have’ jersey styles in your collections. And if you only need help making and managing the production of styles made by your designers do not hesitate to contact us.