Using roots, fruits, plants and minerals, we have a color palette that holds over 20 different colors. Because only the use of residues is used, there is no need for increased cultivation of crops, which would otherwise burden the Earth’s food chamber. Residues from clay, nuts, pomegranates are just some of the natural colors we use.

Using patented techniques, the dyes are produced simply by using natural oils and enzymes. At the same time, manufacturing is done in a responsible way – for the benefit of both water and energy consumption. GOTS absolute requirements for, among other things, social responsibility and sustainability are always included when using natural coloring.

Natural coloring is a complex technique. That is why we have a huge focus on quality control and sampling, so that our products ensure that our products live up to what consumers expect. We continuously monitoring washing tests that support our instructions, and we allow external laboratories to validate the clothing’s properties and content. We are capable to deliver multicolor styles with prints and all-over prints.

Natural Colors