Panel debate on “How do we sell more and produce less” at CIFF · Copenhagen International Fashion Fair


Last week we were part of the Panel at CIFF · Copenhagen International Fashion Fair and the project Virtual Stage.

We talked about 3D as a tool and how 3D visualization in VR and AR, can help and promote the growth and export of Danish design and fashion companies.

It’s a land of opportunity – it’s just about getting started, trying out new ways to showcase your products online, so you’re not forced to have physical tests and physically move to sell your products.

At United Textile Group A/S, we have been working with 3D idea for the past 2 years and it has been an incredibly exciting journey. we look forward to working on in the Virtual Stage project.

Thanks for the debate to Lifestyle & Design Cluster and to Heidi Svane Pedersen, Carsten Holm, Lotte Nerup, Ditte Bjerring, and Michael Harboe. I think everyone had some super good suggestions on how to succeed.

You can watch the panel debate here:

Read more about Virtual Stage here:

If you want to know more about 3D and how we at United Textile Group A/S use 3D, see our webinar here.

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